Earn £3000 in your first month as a Toto Pro.

If you've got a passion for tech then we want you! We're launching soon so sign up for free so you don't miss out!

How it works

Do what you love and get paid in four easy steps

1. Get early access
Sign up with your name and email and you're on the fast track to becoming a local tech expert
2. Create a profile
Upload your photo and tell Toto a little about yourself. What are your skills? What do you enjoy working on most?
3. Get task offers
Once you're all set up, take a look at task offers in your area. Choose the tasks that suit you best.
4. Get paid
Once the task is complete and the customer is happy, your payment gets sent to you. No more chasing payments!
A Toto Pro helping a customer
A Toto Pro fixing a computer
A Toto Pro helping a customer
The Toto difference

Your hours, your money, your way.

It's your time
Whether you're a night owl or an early worm, set the hours you want to work.
Work from home
Work from home or wherever your internet connection takes you! Say goodbye to the office.
Earn it
Pick as many or as few tasks as you want. You can make Toto a full time gig or a side income for fun.
Why choose Toto?

Flexible hours, flexible life

Be your own boss and never work a day in your life.

I want to do my own thing

Be your own boss

I'm sick of the office daily grind

Flexible hours

I want to save for a big trip

Earn money

I want to work closer to family

Work from home

I want to do what I enjoy

Do what you love

I don't want to spend too much

No overheads

Covid-19 Safety

Continue earning no matter what! We're Covid-proof.

Work remotely and keep earning no matter the situation. Covid or no Covid, we've got your back.

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In person


Go where your customers are



Help customers remotely


Work with your favourite tech.

Already in tech or got a passion and looking to switch things up? Then we want YOU!

Smart home
Smart home
Audio and Video
Audio and Video
Internet and Wifi
Internet and Wifi
Phones and Tablets
Phones and Tablets
Toto perks


Earn with Toto!

Grow with Toto as we support you every step of the way. Now that's exciting!

Earn more money
Drastically increase your income.
Track your earnings
Track your earnings in a touch of a button.
Do what you love
Do what you love and get paid for it.
We've got your back
You'll have 24/7 customer support. Always.
Set your schedule
Be the hero on your own terms.
Grow at your own pace
Plan, work, analyse and grow at your own pace.
Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? We've got some answers!

Toto Pros (aka Pros) are vetted students, freelancers or anyone who's good with tech! They are passionate about tech and love helping others.

Toto is set to launch around Summer 2021, which is just around the corner! To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up today for free! We’ll keep you in the loop on what to expect to make sure you’re ready for launch day.

We’re built to be Covid proof. In time, we’ll be able to send you to on-site jobs in your area, but for now we’re keeping in line with government guidelines to keep you safe. That’s why we’ve built in the ability to accept and complete tasks remotely from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you have a good internet connection!

While our rates are set at predetermined prices depending on the task type, you determine how much you work! Toto empowers you to be in charge of your schedule by allowing you to set your availability to suit your lifestyle 🙂 

Toto is a cashless platform so we’ll deposit the funds directly into your nominated account via the app. Make sure your details are correct during registration. We take protecting your personal information seriously and use the latest encryption technologies available to do so. Your information will never be shared with third parties and is for internal use only.